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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


What are eyelash extensions?

The art of placing an extension on a natural lash. They are attached one-by-one to each individual natural lash -not to the skin- with a surgical grade adhesive. Custom lash extension application, such as classic or volume,  is a meticulous process that requires the skill and precision of a certified lash technician.

How long will my extensions last?

If you follow the proper aftercare instructions, they can last up to four weeks. Due to the natural eyelash shedding process, a few extensions may begin to drop after 1-2 weeks. This is entirely normal.

Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

No. Each extension is affixed to a single natural lash, which grows out as it matures. The adhesive is formulated to create a solid bond that won’t harm your lashes as it dries gently to them.

How many lashes will be applied?

One extension will be attached to every lash on the upper lash line. 

Is the adhesive safe?

In the past adhesives could harm the lash line but with great improvement adhesives are much more emulsified and quick drying which requires less adhesive during the application. 

What if my eyes are really sensitive?

If you've had a reaction to a makeup product you are not a candidate for eyelash extensions. 

Can I get them wet?

Yes. After 24 hours.

How long does it take for a full set application?

It depends on which service you get, the average time for a full set application is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Can I wear eye makeup with the lash extensions?

Yes. We advise against wearing any mascara where the lash extensions have been applied.

How do I remove eye makeup?

For the best results in removing eye makeup, Borboleta Lash Cleanser is recommended to keep you lashes strong and healthy. 

How do I remove the lash extensions? Can I remove them myself?

No. Eyelash extensions should be professionally removed with professional products.  

Does the application of eyelash extensions hurt?

No. The application of eyelash extensions should be relaxing.

How do I know which service to get?

It depends on which look you would like to go for. The classic is more natural, the CZ Volume is medium fullness and the Volume is extra lush. 

What happens if I have few natural lashes? Can I still get them?

Absolutely! A classic set is what we suggest for a client with finer lashes, defining the lash line but not too heavy for the natural lash. 

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Lash After Care

Lash After Care

During the first 24 Hours:

1.   Do no allow lashes to get wet.

2.   Avoid steam – no spas, saunas or cooking in a steamy kitchen. Steam will stop the adhesive from bonding.

3.   Do not swim.

4.   Do not rub eyes or lashes when washing face.

5.   Do not pull on extensions, as you are likely to pull out your own natural lashes.

Continuing Care:

1.   Do not rub lashes before or after lash extension application, this may cause irritation.

2.   Do not try to remove or cut extensions on your own.

3.   Do not use lash curlers.

4.   Avoid products containing GLYCOL.

5.   Brush lashes daily morning and night with brush provided.

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“I’ve been going Christian for over 2 years. Im always amazed and love the magic he does with my lashes.”

— Shiree M.


“The best! There’s absolutely nobody like Christian! He is truly, truly an artist beyond words!”

— Laura G.

“I write this review reluctantly….Christian Zamora Studio is somewhere you want to keep as your own little secret because you want him all to yourself (in case of any last minute makeup or lash emergencies)!”

— Mara B.

“Christian Zamora is the reason I always look my best & the confidence his work instills, goes a long way to making me feel great ~ no matter what. From the moment I get out of bed (or the shower, or bikram yoga, or the ocean…) I look awake & beautiful. I recommend him without qualification!”

— Sarah S.

“Christian is the utmost professional of lash extensions and make-up application. His work is flawless. The salon is serene. Christian’s kindness almost outshines his exemplary style. I always feel like the pretty girl and it’s so worth it!”

— Kerry G.

“I’ve been going to Christian for years now and absolutely love the way he does lashes!!! He takes his time to make each one perfect in a very private and super relaxing setting. I go for touch-ups every 5-6 weeks and always leave feeling like I’ve spent time at the spa. I find he is well worth the money. Other places I’ve tried either don’t last as long or look fake. I definitely recommend his services!!!”

— Jenn C.

“I have been going to Christian for over two years, and he is an exceptional professional. Attentive. Focused. Thorough. He gives sound, informed advice about eyelash and lash line care. Yes, it is an investment. Yes, maintenance is required. Yet Christian makes it worthwhile. He will also advise if you should take a little break from lash extensions, even though this means less business for him. His studio is also in a great location in the flatiron district.”

— Jill K.